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Open A Ranch, Dillon, MT

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Open A Ranch, Dillon, MT

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Open A Ranch, Dillon, MT

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Open A Ranch, Dillon, MT

Van Derens moving to the ranch in Montana - 1959

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Open A Ranch, Dillon, MT

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Walter’s Antique Cars

Mar 29th, 2008 by admin | 0

Walter has collected a variety of antique cars and parts and now desires to sell them.  Most of vehicles range from 1910 to 1940 and many are Buick cars.  Walter has moved the old car listings to the classifieds website:

Walters Antique Cars on

If you are interested in any of Walter’s old cars, please contact him using the information below:

     Walter Van Deren
     P.O. Box 952
     Dillon, MT 59725
     (406) 683-6632
     Contact by Email

Please note the old cars offered for sale on the classifieds website are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • Only parts that belong to that car are sold with that car, parts to other cars or other lots are not included.
  • Cars sold as a unit only, no individual parts sold off cars.
  • We will assist with loading, if mutually convenient, at your risk.
  • Shipping, freight, crating, etc. are not included.
  • We are not a shipping, freight, crating, etc. Company, so these must be arranged by you.
  • All errors subject to correction.
  • All items subject to prior sale.
  • Price are subject to change without notice or obligation.
  • All items sold as is, where is.
  • All rights reserved.

Below is a partial list of what was still available on the as of March 2008:

Please note that a “lot number” preceeds each item description.


19 Buick 23-29, frame, front axle, rear axle, 4 wheels, 3 hubcaps.

3 Buick 23-44, engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, 1/2 cab, doors, windshield & frames, front fenders, rear fenders, rough radiator shell, no radiator, head light shells, hood with latches & handles, horn, dash switches & part instruments. Made into a pickup.

2 Buick 23-45, engine rough no valve cover, cowl with windshield frame bent, steering gear and spokes, transmission, front half frame, dash some gauges levers & switches.

4 Buick 23-45, engine fair condition, Chrysler radiator, transmission, rear axle, front axle, steering gear with wheel, cowl, dash with some instruments, wheels and all hub caps, frame. Made into a buckrake.

5 Buick 23-?? Touring Car, engine good condition, frame, transmission, rear axle, front axle, hood, good radiator, shell with Buick emblem, wheels & hubcaps, part cowl with instruments, switches, gas tank. Made into buckrake.

38A Buick 24-35, 4 cylinder engine, transmission, cowl, some gauges & switches, parking light shells, horn, no frame, on wood. Has been a saw motor.

17 Buick 1924 coupe, fairly complete body, some rust, partial engine no head, generator, starter, water pump, front axle, no rear axle, hood, rough radiator shell, cowl light shells, no rings, steering gear, steering wheel spokes broken.

32 Buick 25-25S, engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, 1 hub cap, about front 1/2 body, windshield frame rough, dash some switches & levers, most gauges missing, hood, front fenders, no headlights, steering gear & spokes, 1 headlight ring fairly rough. Touring body.

36A 1926 Buick coupe, sheet metal, back 1/2 good, rear fenders, deck lid.

58 Buick 1926, fair 6 cylinder engine, cowl, windshield frame cut off, hood, radiator, engine, transmission, front axle, rear axle, some gauges, 2 complete headlights with lenses, 1 complete cowl light with lens, good. Made into a beaverslide winch.

38 Buick 1926-27, model not known, standard engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, 4 wheels, 3 hubcaps, radiator & shell no emblem, no gauges, cowl cut fire wall only, steering gear-2 units-1 Buick, steering wheel spokes, gas tank. Made into buckrake.

11 Buick 27-27 Sedan, fairly good incomplete engine, transmission, front axle with wheels and hubcaps, most all body, doors, etc., gas tank, no dash or gauges, steering gear no wheel, good radiator & emblem, 2 headlights no lenses, 1 cowl light no lens.

8 Buick 28-27, engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, wheels with hubcaps, front fenders, head light complete no lens, 1 cowl light no lens, cowl no windshield frame, some gauges and levers, steering gear with steering wheel spokes, some body sheet metal, robe rail, front seat back, rear fenders and lower rear body section, 3 doors, front bumper, frame cut off behind rear springs.

31 Buick 28-27, engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, 4 wheels, 3 hubcaps, cowl, no windshield frame, steering gear, steering wheel spokes, front fenders, front bumper, 2 headlight shells 1 with ring, cowl light shells, gas tank, dash, no gauges, manifold heater.

7 Buick 28-47, engine, transmission, cowl firewall, some gauges, steering gear and spokes, wheels & hubcaps. Made into buckrake.

6 Buick 1928-29, frame, transmission, engine, left front fender, part of right front fender, steering gear and spokes, front axle & wheels, spare tire carrier.

20 Buick 1928-29, engine very good, transmission, rear axle, drive shaft, good cowl, windshield frame, gauges, steering gear with good steering wheel spokes, good radiator & shell, no rear part of body. Made into a saw motor.

14 Buick 1928-28??, engine, transmission, rear part of cowl, some sheet metal, wheels with hubcaps, Durant radiator & shell with good emblem, steering gear & spokes. Made into a buckrake. Downing.

1 Buick 29-20, frame, cowl no window frame, engine very rough, dash no gauges, spare tire carrier, steering gear no steering wheel, part front fenders, right rear body quarter.

25 Buick 29-27, body 1/2 cab from sedan, windshield frame, 2 doors 1 with glass, 1 incomplete cowl light. Note that this lot is sitting on an International frame & fenders, lot 25A.

28 Buick 29-41 4 door sedan, complete body, no radiator or shell, front axle, rear axle, dash, no gauges, no steering gear, hood, headlight bar, 3 wheels, no hubcaps, top gone from transmission, 1 cowl light shell.

30 Buick 29-41 4 door sedan, fairly complete body, no right rear door, no radiator or shell, cowl lights 1 shell 1 no lens, 2 headlight shells, engine not complete, transmission, rear axle, front axle, no steering gear, dual sidemount spare tire wells, 4 wheels, hood with 3 latches & 2 handles, left side glass.

29 Buick 29-??, coupe fairly complete body, no rear deck lid, engine, transmission, rear axle, front axle, hood, right rear fender step, 2 wheels.

39 Buick 32-67 4 door sedan, dual sidemounts, gas tank bad, steering gear & wheel, dash and some gauges & levers, no hood, no radiator or shell, no axles, no engine or transmission.

21 Buick about 1932, large engine, transmission, rear axle, cowl, windshield frame cut off, all gauges, steering gear, 4 hubcaps, 4 wheels, radiator shell missing vent bars, wrong radiator, bumper. Made into a buckrake.

34 Buick 1933 coupe, 8 cylinder engine, body burned, engine, transmission (sitting on #33), rear axle, tail light bracket right side, step on right rear fender, radiator & shell usable, right head light bracket good, front fenders bent, no front axle, dual sidemounts, 6 wheels, hood missing vent doors. 


43 Buick, about 1923 touring, cowl, doors, part of frame.

54 Buick 1923??, cowl only.

32A Buick fan, water pump, generator, 1926-1927 Buick.

42 Misc. Buick 1926-27 sheet metal for 2 door sedan, 1 door, 2 side 1/2 panels, top back of cab.

40 Buick year, model ???, V-8 nail head engine, transmission broke, frame, front & rear axles. Number on engine block: I665I38

6B Buick, front frame, springs, left front fender, 1 headlight shell with ring no lens, front axle.

16 Buick, frame, front and rear axles.

18A Buick, 2 doors.

7C Buick front axle and rear axle with 2 wheels.

19D Buick partial engine, aluminum block, cast cylinders, very rough.

29A 2 Buick sedan back doors.

15A Misc. Buick parts.

23A Buick, misc. sheet metal, $40.00 each piece.

66 Buick front axle, hub cap, 2 wheels, 


15 Chevy Truck, 1928-29, very good engine, transmission, rear axle, frame cut, front axle, steering gear & spokes, good radiator shell & emblem, needs new starter switch, hood, cowl, gauges. 


6A Hood, mid 30′s Chevy??

44 Chevy 4 cylinder engine.

56 4 cylinder Chevy engine, no valve cover & transmission.

57 4 cylinder Chevy engine & transmission.


13A Year unknown, Chrysler frame, front & rear axle, 4 wheels, no hubcaps.


48 Chrysler V-8 hemi engine, 1950′s era, bell housing & torque converter.


24 Dodge mid 20′s sedan, 4 cylinder engine not complete, transmission, rear axle, front axle, steering wheel & levers, dash no gauges some switches, 1/2 body, no left door, no radiator or shell. Made into a pickup.


22C Ford Model A Engine,

68 Ford Model A pickup box on Chev axle, made into trailer

47 Ford flathead V-8 engine, extra truck pan.

52 Ford transmission.

7D Ford V-8 hood.

64 1950 Ford pickup bed, rough, part frame & springs.


23 International 1 ton truck about 1928, fairly complete body, no radiator or shell, headlights no lenses 1 no ring, steering gear & wheel, hood, 4 wheels, 2 hubcaps, 4 cylinder engine, transmission, steel box, .

25A International 1 ton truck, 4 cylinder engine rough, transmission, rear axle, front axle, front bumper, no steering gear or wheel, no hood, no radiator or shell. Note that this lot has a Buick cab, lot 25, sitting on it.


63 Oldsmobile 49-3569 4 door sedan, complete body good. No engine, no radiator, no transmission.


15B Teens era 4 door sedan body, make year model unknown.

26 20′s era touring body, spare tire carrier, make, year unknown.

13 Year unknown, Baby Overland body, empty dash, spare tire carrier, no windshield frame, gas tank.


16A 1920′s era cowl, empty dash, year and make unknown.

19A 1920′s era cowl, year and make unkown.

20A Pieced together pickup cab 20′s era, International cowl, Dodge doors, etc.

7B Mid 30′s era head light.

6C Pontiac bumper, 1937-40??.

13B Misc. unmarked body and other parts. LESS 1917 DODGE PARTS.

19C Bare front axle.

22A Bumper ???

22B Front axle, tie rod???

31A Front axle, make & year unknown.

7A 2 large rear fender from Arizona. ????

8A Extra steering gear.

9B 2 large headlights on bar, no lenses, 1 ring missing.

23B Misc bumpers

41 3 speed overdrive manual transmission. Numbers on tailshaft housing: R10E 24H W.G. Div. Numbers on shift lever cover: 8A SA-7222 BA Transmission has outside surface rust, shafts will turn, minus shift levers, other wise complete. Assume W.G. means Warner Gear.

46 6 cylinder flathead engine & transmission, year and make unknown.

49 Cadillac V-8 engine & Hydramatic transmission.

50 6 cylinder flat head engine, transmission no top.?????

51 6 cylinder OHV saw motor engine on frame.

53 8 cylinder flathead, make, model, year unknown.

55 6 cylinder flathead engine, aluminum flywheel housing, transmission.

65 2 piles assorted sheet metal parts, fenders, etc.

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